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Inaugural IEEE Life Members Conference

Join us for a three-day event specially curated by IEEE Life Members. With a theme of Evolution: Technology, Applications, and Contributions, the inaugural conference will include a series of workshops, keynote presentations, sessions, and technical tours of several local companies.

Austin, Texas, USA – 14-16 April 2024
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Don’t miss out on these special offers to join us for the three-day event curated for technology influencers, innovators, and pioneers of all ages.

  • Friends & Family Discount: Use promo code DISX30 to get US$30 off the cost of each registration. This discount applies to all registrations (members and guests, if applicable).
  • Students Only: Single-Day Registration by 3/31/2024 @ US$50.00 each day. Changes to US$100.00 on Sunday, Mar. 31, 2024.

The IEEE Life Members Conference will take place in Austin, TX, from 14-16 April 2024. This event will bring together technology professionals from across the globe to explore selected emerging technologies and how these new technologies impact seniors in the population. We will also look at how to best share our experiences and knowledge with current and new leaders in technology.

Speakers include:

Rodney Brooks, iRobot, Brittne Kakulla, AARP Technology; Julie Shah, MIT Interactive Robotics; Greg Corrado, Google; Prof.R.R. Sonde, IIT Delhi; Andres Carvallo, CMG Consulting LLC; Kendra Cook, NASA/JPL; David Sandhu, WiseWealth; Paul Hopingardner, Travis County; Manuela Veloso, J.P. Morgan AI Research; Ben Sander, AMD; San Murugesan, Brite Services; Adam Drobot, OpenTechWorks; Jay Boisseau, Vizias; Dave Bondurant, HP (retired); John Walz, Lucent (retired); David Garza, BD; John McDonald, GE (retired); Barbara Grosz, Harvard; Michael Branch, Geotab; John C. Havens, Technology Ethicist and Actor; Karen Panetta, Tufts University

With experts from a wide range of technology fields and accomplished IEEE professionals, this conference will provide ample opportunities to:

  • Explore new ideas: Learn more about new and emerging technologies in selected IEEE fields of interest.
  • Boost your network: Meet IEEE Life Members and technical professionals from around the world and exchange views on shared challenges.
  • Acquire the latest industry knowledge: Meet the corporations and engineers responsible for creating new and innovative consumer products directed at aging populations and the Life Member audience.
  • Get to know IEEE better: Learn more about Life Member Affinity Groups (LMAG) and the Life Member Committee (LMC) operations and resources.
  • Have fun and travel: With a vibrant entertainment and arts scene, inspiring cuisine, and stunning outdoor experiences, Austin has something for everyone!

The IEEE Life Member Conference presents a fantastic opportunity to reconnect with old colleagues, form new collaborations, and establish lifelong friendships with individuals who share a common desire for learning.

We hope that through this information series, you’ll see why the IEEE Life Members conference is a must-attend event in 2024 and in subsequent years to come.

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