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Volunteer Training

Engaging new volunteers and giving them the tools for success is key to IEEE serving our members.  Many sections and chapters recently completed new officer elections.  Here are some of the resources available for new officers and volunteers to help them succeed.
  1. The Center for Leadership Excellence.  This has training modules for many positions in sections and chapters.  It also includes presentations given at Sections Congress 2017.
  2. IEEE Collabratec has a community for membership development.  There is also a workspace for those who are interested in OU Analytics.
  3. Presentations from the different area meetings are often available on the area websites.
  4. Region or society officers.  Check to see if the region (for sections) or society (for chapters) has an officer with the same position as you have.  If so, engage them to see what resources they can share with you.  The region also has a training chair to help volunteers find the information relevant to their positions.
  5. meetings.vTools.ieee.org.  Using the search features of this site you can see past activities your section or chapter held.  You can also see what activities nearby sections or chapters are holding.  This information can help you understand how to meet the needs of your members.

For questions, contact the Region 6 Section and Chapter Vitality and Training Chair (see Officer & Activity Contacts page)


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