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Director’s Special Awards

The Director’s Special Awards are separate and apart from the Region 6 Awards program. There are two recognition categories: Individual and Corporate.

Individual Recognition – Region 6 Director Award

At the sole discretion of the Region Director, the Director’s Award is presented to an individual or group who volunteered or served with distinction as determined by the Region 6 Director. Up to four such awards can be awarded each year. The Director may also choose to support special competitions or similar awards for activities in support of the IEEE mission.

The Special Director awards are separate and apart from the Region 6 Awards program.  While there is no formal relationship between the two award initiatives, the Director may request the Region 6 Awards Committee Chair for the list of Region award nominees to assure the value of the Special Director Award is maintained.

Corporate Recognition

Each year a select review committee consisting of past Region 6 Directors and selected individuals review companies and organizations in three categories:

  1. Engineering and Product Innovation
  2. Engineering and Corporate Professionalism
  3. Community Outreach and STEM/CTE Education

Awardees may be from public and private sector, universities, science centers, public centers of learning, or other similar entities whose programs and initiatives are compatible with IEEE values or fields of interests.  The Review Committee analyzes products, services and the reach of entities in the Western United States (Region 6).  The evaluation includes input from multiple sources, including IEEE members.  The committee may also receive recommendations from the Region Awards Committee for award candidates.

Special Director Award Presentations

These awards are presented at a Region 6 event. Currently these are:

  • The Global Humanitarian Technology Conference (GHTC)
  • IEEE Conference on Technologies for Sustainability (SusTech)
  • Rising Stars Conference

The awardee has the option of receiving the award at another public or private event.


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