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2017 Region 6 Director Special Awards – Individual

Region 6 Special Director Awards 2017 – Individual

Mostafa Mortezaie

Citation: For Outstanding Leadership in Professional Activities in 2017

Mostafa Mortezaie has led Professional Activities Committee for Engineers (PACE) activities for IEEE Region 6 to extraordinary levels of activity and collaboration, with activities supporting professional and career development across the region.  He has not only supported the activities, but also supported the people looking to innovative, and those who are served by the work involved.  He reaches out to and advocates for members and student members across the region, and has been an exemplary contributor in a range of areas: educational, student, STEM, and humanitarian activities.

Elizabeth Johnston

Citation: For Outstanding and Innovative Leadership Supporting IEEE Region 6 Members and Student Members in 2017

Elizabeth Johnston has been a transformational leader in two major roles in the region for 2017 that enabled and supported many different members and types of members.   As Region Student Activities Chair, she has encouraged new and innovative activities using accessible approaches and involving a distributed leadership.  As Sections Congress Coordinator, she provided organization and leadership to each of the sections of IEEE Region 6, supporting each of the sections of IEEE Region 6, and their delegates, to successful collaboration, learning, and interaction with major initiatives in the organization.  She has not only excelled in these roles, but was a vital source inspiration and support.

Ravendar Lal Bhojwani

Citation: For Outstanding and Innovative Leadership of IEEE Region 6 Young Professionals Activities in 2017

Ravendar Lal, an active IEEE leader, is most inspired by activities that transform the relationship IEEE Young Professionals have with IEEE.  He saw IEEE Region 6, the world leader in major technology companies, as a natural to lead the way in innovative Young Professionals Activities. He ignited these efforts across the region with major new industry-involved and entrepreneurial programs, supporting and inspiring industry-oriented collaboration on a global scale.

Ramesh Nair

Citation: For Outstanding Leadership Bridging IEEE Young Professionals and Student Activities in 2017

Ramesh Nair took on a newly created position, YP-Student Coordinator, a new role aimed at bridging the gap between IEEE Young Professionals and Student Activities in 2017. In this new role, he has been able to not only inspire and activate greater collaboration between these two core groups that are building the future of IEEE, as a key region leader of both activities and of IEEE Region 6’s IEEE Rising Stars Conference. He has also transformed the level of interaction and approaches used for collaboration between these region groups and global efforts.



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