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2017 Region 6 Director Special Awards – Corporate

  1. NVIDIA, for Engineering Innovation

Citation:  For the invention of the Graphical Processing Unit that led to the ignition of Artificial Intelligence (AI), enabling the next generation of intelligent systems

  1. VMware, for Engineering Professionalism

Citation: for creating an environment that promotes engineering professionalism, collaboration and professional development to assure its engineering staff provides the best products on the market

  1. Honeywell – Public Outreach, STEM

Citation: for promoting employee involvement in local STEM programs, its outreach to the education community through the Initiative for Science and Engineering and the creative engagement of students through the Forces and Motion Live program

  1. First Solar – Engineering Professionalism

Citation: For product innovation, the open sharing of technology and resources and the support of the engineers who develop their products

  1. DeVry University – Phoenix – Engineering Professionalism and Public Outreach

Citation: For supporting IEEE’s high standards of professionalism, public visibility and STEM outreach initiatives

  1. The Leonardo – Public Outreach

Citation: For providing innovative, challenging and influential STEM education programs that transform and foster public understanding and engagement of engineering

  1. Stanford Linear Accelerator Laboratory (SLAC), Public Outreach

Citation: For SLAC’s support of STEM activities including the High School Science Bowl, RISE and STAR programs and hosting numerous STEM Summer Programs



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