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IEEE 2022 Election Results

The results of the IEEE 2022 Election have been announced. Turnout was approx. 12.25% (36,000 ballots). All elections are pending acceptance of the IEEE Tellers Committee report by the IEEE Board of Directors on 20-21 November.

IEEE President-elect: Thomas M. Coughlin (Santa Clara Valley) has been elected as the 2023 IEEE President-Elect. Coughlin will begin serving as IEEE President-Elect on 1 January 2023. He will succeed 2023 IEEE President Saifur Rahman on 1-Jan-24. The other candidates for IEEE President-Elect were Maike Luiken, Kazuhiro Kosuge, and Kathleen A. Kramer (San Diego).

IEEE-USA President-elect: Keith Moore (Fort Huachuca) has been elected as the 2023 IEEE-USA President-Elect. Moore will begin serving as IEEE-USA President-Elect on 1 January 2023. He will succeed 2023 IEEE-USA President Ed Palacio on 1-Jan 2024. The other candidate for IEEE-USA President-Elect was  James R. Look.

R6 Director-elect: Joseph C. Wei (Santa Clara Valley) has been elected as the 2023-24 IEEE Region 6 Delegate-Elect/Director-Elect. He will become R6 Director in 2025-26, succeeding current Director-elect Kathy Hayashi who becomes R6 Director on 1 January 2023. Gora Datta (Orange County) was the other candidate nominated by Region 6.

TAB VP-elect: Manfred “Fred” J. Schindler has been elected as the IEEE Technical Activities Vice President-Elect 2023 over Rakesh Kumar (San Diego). Schindler will become VP TAB on 1 January 2024.

Constitutional Amendment: The proposed amendment to the IEEE Constitution to increase the total number of voting members required from 0.333% to 1% and add a 0.333% voting member requirement for each Region for member-initiated constitutional amendment petitions received the number of votes necessary for adoption.


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