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22nd Santa Clara Valley Industry Spotlight: Serverless Supercomputing

Please join us for the 22nd Industry Spotlight session featuring Ian Foster, of University of Chicago and Argonne National Lab.

TALK TITLE: “Serverless Supercomputing: High Performance Function as a Service for Science”

SPEAKER: Ian Foster, Senior Scientist and Distinguished Fellow, Argonne National Laboratory, and Distinguished Service Professor at the University of Chicago

DATE/TIME: Tuesday, October 25th 2022, 6pm-7pm PT (Pacific Time zone)

HOW-TO-ATTEND: We collect registrations below. Attendance is limited to 500, so please register if you do not want to miss the chance to attend. We send instructions how to attend BY EMAIL shortly before presentation. (PLEASE DO NOT DOUBLE AND TRIPLE REGISTER)

REGISTER: https://forms.gle/sPCm9ZCiKmFwtHiH9


Growing data volumes and velocities are driving exciting new methods across the sciences in which data analytics and machine learning are increasingly intertwined with research. These new methods require new approaches for scientific computing in which computation is mobile, so that, for example, it can occur near data, be triggered by events (e.g., arrival of new data), or be offloaded to specialized accelerators. They also require new design approaches in which monolithic applications can be decomposed into smaller components, that may in turn be executed separately and on the most efficient resources. To address these needs we have developed funcX, a high-performance function-as-a-service (FaaS) platform that enables intuitive, flexible, efficient, scalable, and performant remote function execution on existing infrastructure including clouds, clusters, and supercomputers. FuncX allows users to register and then execute Python functions without regard for the physical resource location, scheduler architecture, or virtualization technology on which the function is executed–an approach we refer to as “serverless supercomputing.”  I will describe the motivation for developing funcX and review its use in a variety of scientific use cases. See https://funcx.org and https://labs.globus.org.

WATCH PAST TALKS: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLb8j28CYROlwx1sgQmFUw7uMD1GCXbpfS
WEB SITE: https://ieeescv.org/corporate-liaison-program/

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