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In-Person IEEE Consultants Network Workshop

In-Person IEEE Consultant Network Workshop – Phoenix Area

Sharing Over 200 Years of Consulting Experience

The IEEE-USA Alliance of IEEE Consultants Networks Coordinating Committee (AICNCC) is partnering with the recently reestablished IEEE Phoenix Section, Consultants Network Affinity Group, to hold an in-person workshop on 12 November. This workshop is appropriate for all career levels of consultants. It will cover the basics of those just starting out to becoming an entrepreneur. We especially encourage consultants from Arizona and surrounding areas to attend — not only to gain knowledge of your chosen profession, but to help establish a thriving consultant community in your area —to network and learn from one another. Register today, and we’ll see you in November.

The Workshop that will cover a wide range of topics addressing the Valley consulting market.  The workshop will include sessions that address the major aspects of successful consulting firm operations.  Advanced topics will include

  • Processes for Tools for Growing a Consulting Firm,
  • Selecting a Consulting Specialty,
  • Identifying the Niche for Your Business,
  • Evolving Business Requirements,
  • The Effective Launch and Entrepreneurial Activities Surrounding Your Consulting Firm,
  • Organizing and Marketing the Firm, and
  • The Effective Use of Professional Networks.

See https://events.vtools.ieee.org/m/323822 for details on the agenda topics.


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