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Build Your Career Development Forum

IEEE Computer Society’s new Build Your Career Development Forum delivers practical insights and information for career building to prospective and current technical professionals.

Free and open to members and non-members.

Are you interested in accelerating your career path?

Supercharge Your Career Journey. – Join the Build Your Career Development Forum

Career opportunities in technology are vast and require vast skills – some of which are honed with experience and others through continuous learning. This event cuts through the noise and clarifies next important steps and considerations for your career journey.

Join the Build Your Career Development Forum to

  • Gain continuing education and motivational insights from leading keynote speakers.
  • Network with representatives from recognized Graduate programs from across the US.
  • Learn about workplace trends and dynamic ways to grow your career.

Keynotes include:
Why should I go to graduate school, and how do I do it? – by Bruce McMillin, Missouri University of Science and Technology

Graduate school extends education beyond the general aspect of undergraduate studies, allowing you to focus more on specific topics of interest, to develop better critical thinking skills, and open doors to more interesting employment. This talk will discuss how you can have your education paid for, what the benefits are, what the drawbacks are, how you find a graduate school, and more importantly, an advisor, what exams are needed, and what you should do in your undergraduate study to prepare. Different types of career paths for masters and Ph.D. graduates are discussed.

Motivation, Use It or Lose It – by Elsa Velasco Paul, The M & E Group

We all know that motivation is the reason(s) one has for acting or behaving in a particular way. Are you intentional about your motivation? Have you “lost” your motivation? Is your motivation to do effective and productive work at your employer different from your motivation to accomplish personal interests? Do you motivate yourself or do you need external stimulants to ‘get you going’? Come and learn the main reasons why we are not motivated and how to overcome each one of them.

Register By September 22, 20214:59 PM here.

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