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MEMO: IEEE Constitutional Ammendment

Sent on behalf of Barry Shoop, Karen Bartleson, and Howard Michel

Dear Directors, Directors-Elect, and Management Council, 

In response to the request at the January Board meeting, we are sharing a slide deck to socialize the work being done on the constitutional changes and the proposed optimized board structure.

These two separate efforts are occurring simultaneously but are not interdependent, and are being shepherded by two separate groups. The work on the IEEE Constitutional changes, endorsed by the Board in November 2015, is being led by the IEEE Governance Committee. Work on the proposed optimized Board structure is being led by the IEEEin2030 Ad Hoc Committee.

We hope the attached deck is useful in socializing this important work.

These slides can be shared freely within the IEEE community and will soon be posted at: http://www.ieee.org/about/corporate/ieeein2030_archive_m.html

Best regards,

Barry, Karen, and Howard

Barry L. Shoop, Ph.D., P.E., 2016 IEEE President and CEO
Karen Bartleson, 2016 IEEE President-elect
Howard E. Michel, Ph.D., 2016 IEEE Past President 

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