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IEEE SusTech 2022 Online Program

The 9th IEEE Conference on Technologies for Sustainability (SusTech 2022) is designed to explore development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. It brings together scientists, engineers, technologists and scholars from multiple disciplines to hold a dialogue on environmental issues and collaborate on ideas to develop and utilize innovative tools and intelligent systems to address the need for Sustainable Infrastructure.

Preliminary Program Schedule (including papers) is now available here.

The Sustainable Aviation Forum features Keynotes and a Panel with world class aviation experts, plus a special session in the SusTech sessions on Powering Sustainable Aviation.

View Sustainable Aviation Forum sessions here.

Early registration ends March 30.

Attendee registration is reasonably priced.  For students $50, IEEE Members $75, non-members $100 (conference proceedings available for $50).

Registration link: https://ieee-sustech.org/register-2022/

SusTech 2022 will use the Whova App, so that you can view the talks live on Zoom, or at your convenience.

Keynotes – Thursday, Friday, and Saturday

1. “Sustainability and The Internet of Things: Translating Technology into Action

Adam Drobot, Chairman, OpenTechWorks Inc.

2. “How engineers will save the world

David Fork and Ross Koningstein, Google
Link to IEEE Spectrum article  https://spectrum.ieee.org/engineers-you-can-disrupt-climate-change

3- “On Building Advanced Carbon Metering Infrastructure: Measurement, Analysis, and Optimizations

Shiyan Hu, University of Southampton

4- “Climate Risks and Solutions

Paul Werbos

5- “Powering Advanced Air Mobility

Dr. Stefan Breunig – Head of Strategy, Rolls-Royce Electrical

6- A Bright Era for Electrical in Aviation

Dr. Hao Huang, Retired Technology Chief – GE Aviation Electrical Power

7- “Sustainable Aviation EcoSystem Model for a Regional Airport

Jean Louis Debauche – Founder and CEO of JLD Consultant, Co-Founder of ZE-Glue Limited

8- “How Can We Decarbonize Commercial Aviation by 2050?

Zia Abdullah, National Renewable Energy Laboratory


Accelerating Renewable Energy through Standards

Moderator: Rudi Schubert

Standards can make a difference in how a new technology is implemented, especially in the area of renewable energy. This panel will discuss recently released standards enabling renewable energy, and engagements related to these standards where IEEE is actively supporting clean energy and climate change solutions, including our involvement in the Global Power Systems Transformation Consortium

Nuclear Power Trends

Moderator: Sharan Kalwani

Nuclear power continues to develop technologically.  Abundant energy is the base for advanced societies. We are being squeezed by two forces. The first is that our coal and oil burning does inflict lethal (yes, lethal) damage. The second is that coal and oil have finite resource lifetimes. They are a fixed resource that we burn huge amounts by the minute. This panel will discuss trends in the nuclear power industry.

Evolving Aviation Ecosystem

Moderator:   Siobhan Dolan Clancy, Founder & CEO of SDC Business Consulting Ltd.

We are now seeing a fundamental paradigm shift in the way the aviation sector is embracing a net-zero emissions target by 2050, with a common understanding that it will take multiple stakeholders working together to make it possible. There is a coming together of industry stakeholders including airlines, airports, aircraft /engine manufacturers, fuel suppliers as well as government and regulators in declarations of commitment and partnerships to work together to reach the aggressive emission reduction target while the industry is forecasting passenger numbers and air traffic to double in the same timeframe.


To view the program go to the web, https://ieee-sustech.org/program

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