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IEEE Reliability for Electronics and Photonics Packaging (REPP’21)

Symposium on Reliability for Electronics and Photonics Packaging

— Reliability, Failure Modes and Testing for Integration of Electronics and Photonics (SiPho)

Dates: November 11-12, 2021, 8am-5pm

Note: REPP-2021 is planned to be a hybrid event, with both in-person and virtual participation via WebEx

Registration: $45 ($35 for IEEE Members)  (save, through October 31, 2021, $55/$45 after)

This major Silicon Valley symposium will focus on quantified reliability, accelerated testing and probabilistic assessments of the useful lifetime of electronic, photonic, MEMS and MOEMS materials, assemblies, packages and systems in electronics and photonics packaging. This includes failure modes, mechanisms, testing schemes, accelerated testing, stress levels, and environmental stresses.

Plenary Talks: 

  • “Random Failure Reduction: Strategy for Advanced Semiconductor Device Production”, Dr. Antai Xu, Xilinx
  • “Making Digital Twins Work”, Prof. Kouchi Zhang, U. Delft
  • “Silicon Photonics: Integration, Reliability Challenges and Future Requirements”, Nan Wang, Cisco Systems
  • “Do You Know What’s Hiding in Your Supply Chain?”, Dr. Kitty Pearsall, EPS President-Elect

REPP will feature a 2-hour Workshop with presentations from several of the he IEEE Heterogeneous Integration Roadmap’s Technical Working Groups. The 2021 edition of the updated Roadmap should be available at the time of REPP, or shortly afterwards.

View Advance Program at attend.ieee.org/repp

Registration includes access to all sessions/talks, as well as on-demand access to many of the presentations during the month following the symposium.

Sponsored by IEEE-SCV (Santa Clara Valley) Electron Devices, Electronics Packaging, Reliability and Photonics Chapters

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