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IEEE IT Symposium – Seattle Washington

IEEE IT Symposium – Live Stream Seattle WA

Date: November 5, 2021 @12:00-4:40 PM

Register today: https://events.vtools.ieee.org/m/285022

The presentation is recorded. All times are EXACT. You can come and go as you please. Each speaker will have 20 minutes of presentation with 5‐minute Q&A.

*** Access Codes will be sent the day before the event ***

20 minutes of presentation with 5‐minute Q&A.
12:00 pm PDT – Welcome ‐ Announcements
12:02 pm PDT ‐ Introduction of speakers
12:05 pm PDT ‐ Hoot Royer on Cyber Threats in Telcom
12:30 pm PDT – Tait Covert, Telcom Cyber Threat
12:55 pm PDT ‐ Palak Shah ‐ Emerging Tech IT Hiring Cyber
1:20 pm PDT ‐ Maureen Gribble, CMRP – Ultra Sound IT
1:45 pm PDT ‐ Terry Williams, PDT ‐ MSML – International IT Operations Management
2:10 pm PDT ‐ Marcelo Guerra Hahn– Big Data ‐ What is it?
2:35 pm PDT ‐ Chris Swadish IT Transformation Emerging Tech
3:00 pm PDT – David Zornes, CEO Fiber Threat
3:25 pm PDT – Kayne McGladrey, Cloud Security
3:50 pm PDT – Closing Remarks
4:15 pm PDT – Entertainment
4:40 pm PDT

The IEEE IT Symposium will connect IT software engineers, with developers, suppliers, facilitators and manufacturers. Royer, Covert, Shah, Gribble, Swadish, Hahn, Zornes, and McGladrey. See Program (PDF).

You don’t want to miss this all star line up. Invite your colleagues. Flyer

Questions? contact mike.brisbois@ieee.org


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