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8th IEEE Santa Clara Valley Industry Spotlight webcast

Corporate Liaison Program activities of the IEEE Santa Clara Valley Section
Eighth “Industry Spotlight” with Ray Beausoleil and Chadrakant Patel.
Date: Tuesday, January 26th 2021, 6pm PT (Pacific Timezone)

Please join us for the eight Industry Spotlight session featuring two distinguished speakers, Chandrakant Patel, HP, and Ray Beausoleil, Hewlett Packard Enterprise. They will each give a technical talk, followed by a panel on Silicon Valley.

SPEAKER: Chandrakant Patel, Chief Engineer and Senior Fellow, HP
TITLE: Exciting Cyber Physical Course Ahead at the crossroads of domain, data and data sciences

19th and early 20th century engineering was about the industrialization of physical and electro-mechanical systems like the steam engine and the utility grid. The latter half of the 20th century has been about information management, cyber systems and the Internet. The 21st century is about the integration of the two and the proliferation of cyber-physical systems (CPS)

SPEAKER: Ray Beausoleil, Senior Fellow and Senior Vice President, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
TITLE: Laser Modeling for Fun (and Profit)

In the Large-Scale Integrated Photonics group at Labs, we perform basic and applied research on optical technologies targeting applications in data communication and accelerated computing. As an example of our approach to this problem, I’ll discuss how we are modeling the physics of quantum-dot “comb lasers”.

PANEL: Is Silicon Valley Losing an Edge?
PANELISTS: Beausoleil, Patel, and Dejan Milojicic, IEEE Santa Clara Valley Section, Corporate Liaison Program Chair



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