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OSU Branch STEM Road Show

The Oregon State University (OSU) student group received support from Region 6 for their project entitled “Data Center of the Future Road Show” that embodies part of IEEE’s core values of Growth and Nurturing, Global Community Building, and Partnership. Their Electronic Packaging Society (EPS) student group is pioneering efforts to bring more young talent into electronics packaging and thermal management. In addition to the outreach, education, and research regularly documented on their Facebook and Twitter feeds, they have built the first and only computer collegiate computer overclocking team in the United States.

This initiative has produced a talented group of mostly freshmen and sophomores. These students already have an interest in high-performance computing, gaming, and Virtual Reality (VR), which their Chair Matthew Harrison and Faculty Advisor Dr. Gess have been able to turn into teaching and engagement on state-of-the-art techniques in the electronics packaging world. We believe that it is time that these students get a chance to show their skills in a modular and transportable format that takes them out to engage diverse sections of society face-to-face. A balanced portfolio of renewable energy and fossil fuels is important for any application, but it will be impactful to those visited by the roadshow exhibit to see how this can improve services that they use every day. Incorporating hands-on VR for the visitors to the exhibit will engage people of all ages and experience levels. Dynamic updates to data center performance, as well as showing a time log for educational purposes, is an excellent way to show how, where, and when renewables can best fit into one’s energy portfolio.


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