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IEEE Region 6-based Humanitarian Activities Support AnnieCannons

AnnieCannons is an Oakland-based nonprofit with a mission to transform survivors of human trafficking into software professionals. With annual support from IEEE Humanitarian Activities in IEEE Region 6 since 2015, AnnieCannons has consistently increased the number of trafficking survivors they’ve trained and helped their students generate good incomes that allow them to live comfortably. AnnieCannons reports that IEEE funds have helped AnnieCannons scale year over year increasing from $6,277 in 2015 to generating $68,151 in client revenue in 2017, supporting students and graduate contractors.

In 2018, AnnieCannons anticipates that client revenue will triple. One of their graduates has already secured $40,000 in development contracts in 2018, and continues to pursue advanced learning opportunities through their programs. In January, they signed a $50,000 mobile app development project where their top graduate has built the entire front end–her projected 2018 income will easily surpass $80,000. Another graduate earns approximately $3,500 per month on a data entry project for Palantir Technologies while working entirely remotely. This year, they’ve also signed large clients such as Sequoia Capital, TCV Ventures and Claremont McKenna College that will help AnnieCannons and its students enhance their product portfolios. They are excited to build on this momentum in the months to come, and express gratitude to IEEE for helping them grow.

Looking to do more? Both the IEEE Humanitarian Activities Committee and the IEEE SIGHT have calls for proposals open now for larger and smaller projects – submit until September 1, 2018.


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