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The IEEE Tech Industry Summit is an engaging two-day event focused on industry values with senior speakers on topics addressing industry challenges on security, standards, computation, communications and applications The 2016 central theme with these challenges is Industrial Internet of Things. Following to the 2-day summit and showcase there will be multiple IEEE technology events where summit attendees can engage with industry and research visionaries. These include 7 conferences on workshops on industrial electronics, automotive technologies, entrepreneurship, standards, IoT community and Communications.

This engaging two-day event will bring together industry and research visionaries to understand and address complexities and challenges faced by each sector on a daily basis. The web  http://techindustrysummit.org/ with the Summit and events June 6-10, 2016 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, CA.

The program features elite speakers and experts including Doug Davis, Senior VP, Internet of Things from Intel, Max Senges, lead of Google’s Internet of Things Research and Open Innovation Expedition, and Richard Soley, President of Industrial Internet of Things Consortium and OMG.

This is particularly valuable to industry offering an opportunity to showcase products to the IEEE community (industry and research), discuss challenges they may purse and possibly recruit expertise needed for a company. This is in addition to being able to engage in technology sessions that match their corporate interests. The event supports a strong student program and is expected to have over 1000 attendees from industry, academia and students.

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