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Microvolunteer project: Non-renewing Member Survey

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015

For several years IEEE Region 6 has been losing members.  We want to find out why, and when possible, provide ways that non-renewing members can renew their membership.  We are looking for IEEE volunteers who would call up to 10 people in their section to find out why they didn’t renew, what they think of the direction and activities of the IEEE, see what their interests are and if they are interested, offer them options for rejoining the IEEE.  We would also want these volunteers to provide feedback on their discussions with people on their call list through an on-line form.  Volunteers can request a new list to call when they complete a list.  As an incentive for these volunteers we are offering IEEE and IEEE Region 6 branded products for these micro-volunteers who achieve certain levels of renewals from the list of the folks that they call.

If you are interested in volunteering for this important work, just fill out this form and click submit:

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2016 IEEE Arrears Call Campaign Instructions

Rewards for participants:

  • five (5) confirmed renewals – $10 Starbucks gift card
  • ten (10) confirmed renewals – choice of select IEEE-USA branded merchandise
  • fifteen (15) confirmed renewals – IEEE Region 6 Aloha shirt.

The Value of Time –  Tom Coughlin, IEEE Region 6 Director

Time is the great motivator of action, but time can be the enemy of success. Busy technical professionals are both inspired and constrained by time. We may want to help each other and our profession, but there is so little time to do so. On the other hand we only have so many hours in our lives to make a difference, there is no time to waste.

IEEE leaders need to help our fellow IEEE members achieve a balance of their time spent as employees, entrepreneurs, consultants, fathers or mothers, members of their communities; as well as IEEE volunteers. We can do this by using modern program management techniques and technologies to create and manage volunteer time, as well as creating useful volunteer tasks that allow people to accomplish good things with small investments of time and energy.

Being a section or chapter officer, being a member of a society governing body or serving on various IEEE committees can be very rewarding, but often requires a significant investment of time and may not be right for all IEEE volunteers. Smaller tasks carried out in short bursts of time could help create more IEEE members volunteers. A volunteer who feels energized and rewarded by these smaller tasks could later feel more comfortable with getting further involved in IEEE volunteer activities.

There is a concept, called micro-volunteering, that has been developed to create small manageable volunteer tasks for non-profits. Volunteers can choose these tasks that will help the non-profit, and in doing so contribute to the progress of the non-profit. IEEE Region 6 wants to leverage the concept of micro-volunteering to accomplish our goals. We can do many things with micro-volunteering but we want to start off by trying to reverse the loss of members year-by-year in IEEE Region 6.

Below is a figure showing the number of higher-grade IEEE members in Region 6 year-by-year in the 21st century.

declining membership

Our peak higher-grade membership was in 2002 and we have been declining year over year since then.   The table following this figure breakdown the loss of members in December 2014 compared to December 2013.

region 6 membership

As can be seen from this table the biggest membership losses (in real numbers) are our regular members and graduate student members.   We want to reverse the IEEE membership loss in 2015 and we feel that these two categories of non-renewing members should be the target.

We are creating a micro-volunteer program to get volunteers from IEEE sections to call their fellow section members who have not renewed their membership. These volunteers will sign up as a micro-volunteer and be given a list of 10 non-renewing IEEE former members in their section (or branch for student branches) to call and/or email to find out why they didn’t renew, find out what their impressions of the IEEE are and get their input on what we can do better. If the non-renewing member is interested in renewing their membership they will offer them appropriate options for renewing.

The volunteer will be able to keep track of their discussion with the non-renewing member via a Google document that will be shared with the IEEE membership development community who can follow up if needed—e.g. to offer easy membership renewal options. Volunteer callers can ask for new call lists each time they finish calling (and-or emailing) their prior list and there are incentives for the volunteers who can achieve various levels of membership renewals.

With the deactivation of non-renewing IEEE members completed in late February 2015, the lists of non-renewing members is very fresh. Now is the time to try and bring some of these former members back to the IEEE. Remember, the more members, the greater the pool of IEEE volunteers and thus the more IEEE volunteers to do good work. Will you donate some time to call 10 of these non-renewing members to find out what would get them motivated to renew and what they think the IEEE should be doing?

This effort will be a test of the value of micro-volunteering for IEEE members and we want this effort to be a success. There are a lot of other activities that we can break down into small tasks and reach out to the IEEE volunteer community to make them happen. Let’s see if we can use this approach to reverse the 12-year trend of declining IEEE Region 6 membership.   We need these people back and I think we can do it!

Member Loyalty Program – Sections TO DO

Friday, January 23rd, 2015

Recognize the members in your local Section for their years of service as an IEEE member. Sections can order lapel pins commemorating select milestones that come with a certificate for presentation to your members.

Local Sections are responsible for the ordering, payment, and dissemination of the lapel pins and certificates to their members. There is reporting available through SAMIEEE and the Section Vitality Dashboard to assist volunteers in identifying the members in their Section who should receive a pin.

The one-inch round lapel pins recognize members at 2, 5, 10, 20, 25, 30, 40, and 50 years of service as an IEEE member. This is based on the cumulative years of service regardless of grade, grade elevations, or any breaks in service. Society Affiliates are not eligible for this program, nor are any years of service as a Society Affiliate included in the calculation.

Step 1: Identify the members in your Section who should receive a Member Loyalty pin

Step 2: Order your pins

Step 3: Recognize and Present Pins to Your Members

For more information:

US Membership Referral Offer Ending 28-Feb

Monday, February 3rd, 2014

Refer a Colleague, Get Great Branded Merchandise

In conjunction with IEEE-USA, we are continuing this special offer for US members through 28 February. We want to give you more chances to earn great merchandise and help grow IEEE Membership in the US! Keep spreading the word!

Refer a colleague to IEEE. If they join before 28 February, they’ll get a $25 discount off their first year membership, and you’ll get a gift.

IEEE-USA gift items you can choose from include:

  • Cooler backpack
  • Computer backpack
  • Portable solar battery charger
  • Tablet case
  • Portable speaker
  • Parker pen and mechanical pencil set
  • Parker ballpoint pen
  • Travel coffee mug and tumbler set
  • Golf balls
  • Baseball hat
  • Golf umbrella
  • Travel umbrella

You will also be eligible to receive incentives through the IEEE Member-Get-a-Member (MGM) program.

How it works:

  • Refer your colleague via the online form.
  • Your referral will receive an e-mail inviting them to join at a $25 discount off their first-year membership dues.
  • Your referral will provide your IEEE member number as they join.
  • Within 1-2 weeks after your referral joins, you will receive an e-mail confirming your recruiting success, including a link which allows you to select your IEEE-USA merchandise item.
  • You will receive a separate e-mail for each new member you recruit.

Please help spread the word and share your IEEE experience – no one knows how beneficial IEEE Membership is to technical and career development better than you, the member. Refer your friends and colleagues today!


Elyn Perez
IEEE Member & Geographic Activities

Important to know: There is no limit to the number of merchandise items you can earn; as long as your referrals join as professional members. Student members and Society Affiliates are not eligible for this promotion. Your referrals must join and complete payment prior to 28 February 2014. You remain eligible for the MGM incentive awards given out once per year in September.

Bill Murray (William E. Murray) has passed away

Friday, June 14th, 2013

With sincere regrets, we would like to let you know that Bill Murray (William E. Murray) passed away a couple of days ago.

Bill was an active champion for IEEE.  He served our members in many capacities for IEEE, Region 6 (including Director 1995/96), the LA Council and Orange County Section.  You may remember him from Douglas Aircraft, his involvement with many IEEE conferences or commitment to students through both student branches and HKN.

We have lost a great person.
The funeral is today, Friday, June 14th at 2:00 PM in the chapel at Pacific View Memorial Park (3500 Pacific View Dr, Corona Del Mar, CA (949) 644-2700).  The visitation is from 11:00 – 1:00 PM. 
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New Member Welcome to IEEE

Saturday, December 31st, 2011

This message is sent each month to new members of IEEE in Region 6:

Welcome to the IEEE network. By joining IEEE you have chosen to become a “citizen” of our profession. It is your responsibility to use the IEEE Network and Resources to enhance your membership experience and make connections.

In addition to being a technology organization, IEEE is also a geographic organization. You are a member of IEEE Region 6 (Western US) and also a member of the your local Section in Region 6. Region 6 has 35 Sections, 2 subSections and 2 Councils, with approximately 57,000 members (including over 6000 students). The Region is divided into five Areas: Northeast, Northwest, Central, Southern and Southwest.

[Note: if you joined as a Student, and gave your home address, IEEE considers this to be your geographic address of record even though you may go to school and reside elsewhere. You can update your membership record to change your “Preferred Address” using myIEEE, see]

Your member number is <$id>, and your IEEE membership grade is <$grade>.

In approximately 2 weeks after you joined, you will receive your member card and welcome brochure that details the benefits, features and services of membership.

To check these out online, go to

One of these member features is myIEEE – your personalized gateway to membership providing local contact information, links to information about conferences in your field, individual benefits and much more. Login with your IEEE Web Account at:

If you do not receive your card you can contact IEEE Member Services online at or via email at, or by telephone: 800 678 4333.

You can use myIEEE to access several IEEE member benefits and renew/change your membership record. Check out the new ( to watch technology and engineering programming and to preview upcoming conferences.

You can check on the status of your membership and delivery of any subscriptions to publications at:

If you did not join online or do not have an IEEE Web Account, please go to and click on the “Create an IEEE Web Account” link.

Once you have created an account, you can access your local IEEE news at

You can also register for an IEEE email alias at

Please check out the Region 6 web site at You can contact the Region officers thru the R6 Roster page at if you have any questions.

Your Regional Director for 2011-12 is Ed Perkins
Diector-elect (Director for 2013-14) is Mike Andrews
Regional Secretary is Rhonda Schennum
Regional Treasurer is Dee Fultz

You can find out about local IEEE activities in your area by visiting your Section’s web page which can be found at Your local Section chair contact is also listed there.

You will hear people speaking about the “IEEE Network”. What is the IEEE Network? It is all the members of IEEE and all the volunteers who help create the programs you find in IEEE and all the people who participate. It is IEEE Sections, Chapters, and Societies; myIEEE and MemberNet; IEEE groups on Linked-in, FACEBOOK, TWITTER etc. It is up to you to use the IEEE Network to enhance your membership experience and make new friends. How do you do that? By participating in whatever ways you desire.

IEEE is a volunteer-led organization. The conferences, papers, magazines,  journals and local meetings are generated by volunteers. We are always interested in new volunteers, go to to learn about volunteering
and some links to connect with opportunities. Or contact your local Section – they can always use your help.

Did you graduate with your first engineering-related college degree less than 10 years ago? If so, you are automatically a GOLD member (Graduates Of the Last Decade). Visit for more info.

Have more than 10 years experience in the profession (including college) and have 5 years of significant performance? You may qualify for IEEE Senior Member. See

Some additional information that may be useful:
* To obtain a detailed receipt for your membership go to and Sign-in at: and click on the My Account tab and select “Order History”.
* For online access to the IEEE Educational Courses e-learning library of short courses and tutorials go to:
* To access online products purchased as part of your IEEE membership or Subscription Packages go to and Sign-in at:
* To access online products and Subscriptions purchased from the IEEE Computer Society, go to:

Finally, in addition to myIEEE, members can network on social media:

IEEE is on Linked-In:
IEEE-USA is on Linked-In:
IEEE SPECTRUM is on Twitter:
IEEE-USA is on Twitter:
IEEE-USA is on Facebook:
Your local Section and/or Society may also have social networking sites.

We like to think of IEEE as our “professional home”, so welcome, come on in, find a meeting, attend a conference, meet some new people, make some friends, learn some new things.

If you have any questions please contact me.


Edward G Perkins
Region 6 Director 2011-12

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