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Region 6 Section Anniversaries

Section significant anniversaries: 2023

Section Formation date Anniversary
Albuquerque 16-Apr-48 75
Richland 23-Apt-48 75

Section significant anniversaries: 2017

Section Formation date Anniversary
Utah 9-Mar-17 100

Section significant anniversaries: 2016

Section Formation date Anniversary
Phoenix 22-Mar-41 75

The following Sections celebrated significant anniversaries in 2013:

  • 100 years: Spokane

In addition 2013 was the 50th year since partitioning the original Los Angeles Section (formed in May 1908) into these Sections:

Central Coast
Coastal LA
Metropolitan Los Angeles
Orange County
San Fernando Valley

The following Sections celebrated significant anniversaries in 2012:

  • 50 years: Boise
  • 50 years: Central Washington

Notable earlier Anniversaries

Section Formation date
Portland (now Oregon) 05/18/1909
San Francisco 12/28/1904
Seattle 01/19/1904

Congratulations to all current and past officers and volunteers whose dedication has kept IEEE going in these Sections for all these years.


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