Awards Nomination Process

To make an Awards nomination, read the Region 6 Awards Categories with Descriptions to determine the requirements and qualifications, and information required for submission of the online forms.

All nominations will be online and to your own Section.

All nominations and letters must come from IEEE members and they must be members within the Section where they submit their nominations or letters.

You can only nominate an individual or an organization within your own Section.

These are IEEE-wide rules as defined in the MGA (Member and Geographic Activities) manual.

  1. No individuals may nominate themselves.
  2. Neither an Awards Chair, nor a Section Chair acting as an awards chair may be nominated for a Section or Region award as an individual. The exceptions are Special Section Chair’s awards and Section Region Director’s awards.
  3. Neither an Awards Chair, nor a Section Chair acting as an awards chair may submit nominations or letters of recommendation. The important exception is that to nominate one’s own Section, the Section Chair and all of the officers must participate in writing the material. If the Section Chair wants to be the one submitting the nomination for the Best Section award, then he or she must use a different email address than their login as a Reviewer. Alternately another person can be the nominator for the Section. Often it is the Secretary that is the nominator but there is no rule.
  4. Members of any awards committee that has voting power on awards may not submit nominations or letters of recommendation.

The deadline for all awards nominations to be submitted is May 15, at 11:00pm PT. Instead of forms or emails, all nomination submissions and also all endorsement letters are done online with our new Fluidreview website.

If you ever used the Fluidreview website for either MGA award nominations or for IEEE-USA award nominations then you already created a Fluidreview account and you can use those credentials. Otherwise you will need to create an account when you go to this website. It is not linked to your IEEE account so it will not fill in automatically. If you wish, you may create your new account using the same login and password as your IEEE account or you can choose anything you wish.

There are 16 main award categories and two of them have sub-categories. Women in Engineering (WIE) and also Life Members Affinity Group (LMAG) have separate nominations from the Outstanding Chapter of the year award. These two also have additional sub-category awards. Individuals who did significant activities to promote Women in Engineering can now receive an award on their own. Up to three people per year can receive awards if they deserve this recognition. Also an individual that did significant activities to promote Life Member activities can receive an award.

For all award nominations for individuals, two letters of endorsement are required. This has been the policy of the IEEE MGA and also IEEE-USA for many years. It is very easy to do. The letter of endorsement is also an online form to be filled out by your endorsers. It will take very little time as it only contains three questions.

You will want to gather all of the needed information to fill out the online nomination ahead of time so a complete list of all of the questions is provided with the award descriptions so you can get the information that you will need. All questions require an answer in order for the nomination to be valid. Phone numbers and addresses are necessary. We have problems in the past contacting award recipients for needed information or getting their award to them.

If you have any questions on how to submit a 2017 online award nomination, contact Jeffrey Pawlan, R6 Awards Chair for instructions. (<contact form>)?

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