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Awards Nomination Process

To make an Awards nomination, read the Region 6 Awards Nomination Categories with Descriptions to determine the requirements and qualifications, and information required for submission of the online forms.

All nominations will be online.

All nominations and letters must come from IEEE members with the exception of the award for “Region 6 Outstanding K through 12 Educator who made significant contributions to STEM Education”.

These are IEEE-wide rules as defined in the MGA (Member and Geographic Activities) manual.

  1. No individuals may nominate themselves.
  2. Neither an Awards Chair, nor a Section Chair acting as an awards chair may submit nominations or letters of recommendation.
  3. Members of any awards committee that has voting power on awards may not submit nominations or letters of recommendation.

The deadline for all awards nominations to be submitted is September 17, at 11:00pm PT (or as otherwise announced). Instead of forms or emails, all nomination submissions and also all endorsement letters are done online with our new nominations portal.

If you ever used the nomination website for either MGA award nominations or for IEEE-USA award nominations then you already created an account and you can use those credentials. Otherwise you will need to create an account when you go to this website. It is not linked to your IEEE account so it will not fill in automatically. If you wish, you may create your new account using the same login and password as your IEEE account or you can choose anything you wish.

There are 15 main award categories. Affinity Group Member covers Women in Engineering (WIE), Life Members Affinity Group (LMAG), Consultant Network (CN) and Young Professionals (YP) and two may be awarded in any one year. Affinity Groups have a separate nominations from Outstanding Chapters.

For all award nominations for individuals, two letters of endorsement are required. This has been the policy of the IEEE MGA and also IEEE-USA for many years. It is very easy to do. The letter of endorsement is also an online form to be filled out by your endorsers.

If you have any questions on how to submit an online award nomination, contact R6 Awards Chair for instructions using the form below.

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