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IEEE Fellows 2022 Announced

IEEE has released the list of elevated Fellows for 2022.

Forty-three members of R6 -Western USA were elevated.

Below is the list by Section. The complete list of Fellows (PDF) can be found here.

Albuquerque Section

  • R Scott Erwin

for leadership and contributions to the development, implementation and on-orbit demonstration of spacecraft control technologies

Central Coast Section

  • Igor Mezic

for contributions to modeling and control using Koopman operator techniques

  • James Buckwalter

for contributions to high-efficiency millimeter-wave power amplifiers and optical transceivers in SOI technologies

  • Timothy Sherwood

for contributions to computer system security and performance analysis

Coastal Los Angeles Section

  • Krishna Nayak

for contributions to real-time magnetic resonance imaging of the human heart and vocal tract airway

  • Mikhail Vaiman

for contributions to methods and software for real-time analysis and control of electric power systems

  • Puneet Gupta

for contributions to the design and co-optimization of integrated circuits

Metropolitan Los Angeles Section

  • Jianhua Yang

for contributions to resistive switching materials in memory and neuromorphic computing

  • Murali Annavaram

for contributions to heterogeneous architectures for energy-efficient computing systems

  • Nacer Chahat

for development of CubeSat and Spacecraft antennas for inter-planetary missions

Monterey Bay Subsection

  • Frank Van Diggelen

for contributions to assisted global navigation satellite systems for consumer applications

  • Ricardo Sanfelice

for contributions to hybrid feedback control systems

Oakland-East Bay Section

  • Anirban Bandyopadhyay

for leadership in silicon RF-SOI technologies

  • Mahesh Iyer

for leadership in ASIC and FPGA Electronic Design Automation

  • Sarah Kurtz

for contributions to photovoltaic devices and systems reliability

Orange County Section

  • Sorel Reisman

for leadership in design, implementation and adoption of open education resources

Oregon Section

  • Xiaoning Ye

for contributions to high-speed interconnect design, optimization, and measurement methods

Phoenix Section

  • Kemal Aygun

for contributions to high-bandwidth and high-speed packaging and socket technologies

  • Rajapandian Ayyanar

for contributions to power conversion and grid integration of renewable resources

Sacramento Valley Section

  • Anh-vu Pham


  • David Horsley

for development of micro-electromechanical systems for ultrasonic transduction

San Diego Section

  • Massimiliano Di Ventra

for contributions to quantum transport in nanoscale systems and in-memory computing

  • Todd Coleman

for contributions to biomedical signal processing and leadership in neuro-engineering

San Fernando Valley Section

  • Daniel Tazartes

for contributions to inertial sensors and navigation systems

Santa Clara Valley Section

  • Andrew Wolfe

for contributions in hardware code compression of embedded software power consumption analysis and optimization

  • Chee-yee Chong

for contributions to information fusion methods for multi-sensor tracking

  • Cullen Bash

for contributions to improving the sustainability and energy efficiency of data center infrastructure

  • Daniel Abramovitch

for contributions to the development of algorithms for control of mechatronic systems

  • Debargha Mukherjee

for leadership in standard development for video-streaming industry

  • Eric Pop

for contributions to phase-change memory

  • Haisheng Rong

for contributions to silicon photonics devices

  • Isaac Nassi

for leadership in parallel and distributed systems and adaptive systems

  • Jiang Zhu

for contributions to antenna design for wireless communications

  • Narayan Srinivasa

for contributions to neural network and neuromorphic computing architectures, circuits and algorithms

  • Shan Liu

for leadership in multimedia and multicore processors

  • Sujata Banerjee

for leadership in programmable and energy efficient networks

  • Tony Heinz

for contributions to spectroscopic techniques, nanophotonics, and optical nanomaterials

  • Zhiping Yang

for contributions to signal and power integrity in high-performance data center electronics

Seattle Section

  • Behcet Acikmese

for contributions to optimization-based nonlinear control and to planetary landing systems

  • Chuanxiong Guo

for contributions to design of data center networking

  • Guojun Qi

for contributions to multimedia analysis and applications

Utah Section

  • Feifei Li

for contributions to database query processing and optimization, and to cloud database systems

  • Florian Solzbacher

for the development of tools enabling applied and translational neuroscience and neural engineering



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