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  • Rush to Contact-Tracing Apps Expose Conflict Between Data Privacy and Public Health August 6, 2020
    Contact-tracing apps designed to track populations during the COVID-19 pandemic are raising red flags around data privacy. It has unveiled a clash between the need to protect privacy and the need to protect public health.  While these apps may help health officials contain the virus, they also pose many questions around privacy, including:  Who owns […]
  • Honor Among Thieves: Ethical Hacking August 5, 2020
    This is a sponsored post from Digi-Key. Written by S. Himmelstein. The relatively new threat associated with hacking conjures visions of cyber attacks resulting in data loss or manipulation, identity theft, financial damage, and other adverse impacts. However, the same skills and tools used by malicious practitioners of such cyber crime can also be used […]
  • The Finite Element Method Continues to Drive Innovation in Photonics July 31, 2020
    The optics and photonics fields are creating groundbreaking applications for astronomy, telecommunications, sensing, chemistry, biomedical research & development. Recently, researchers from Pennsylvania State University demonstrated how metasurfaces with unparalleled controllability of light may be able to transform traditional optics. To do so, they used a simulation that applied the finite element method (FEM). As discussed […]
  • Scientists Make Major Breakthroughs in Solar and Battery Technology  July 29, 2020
    As the COVID-19 pandemic shut down cities around the world, and major transportation systems slowed to a crawl, pollution levels plummeted by around 50% in Delhi, India, according to a recent report from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The researchers found an 8% increase in solar panel energy production as a result of clearer, less […]
  • U.N. Announces New Cyber Security Regulation for Connected Vehicles July 24, 2020
    A new United Nations regulation will soon require vehicle makers in jurisdictions in Japan, South Korea, and the European Union to secure connected vehicles from cyber security threats. In June, 53 countries adopted an agreement that requires national regulators to guarantee vehicles are adequately protected against potential cyber security attacks. The agreement also requires manufacturers […]
  • Four Easy, Fun Ways to Improve Your English Speaking Skills July 22, 2020
    Is your lack of English proficiency holding back your career prospects? Increasingly, organizations see English fluency as an essential skill for technical professionals. This is especially important in the modern workplace as more and more technical professionals work in global teams. Today’s technical organizations expect professionals to excel at the technical side of their jobs […]
  • During a Crisis, Can AI Systems Be Designed Both Quickly and Ethically? July 16, 2020
    Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to save thousands of lives during the COVID-19 pandemic. However,  rapid deployment of these systems, such as the use of apps that combine AI with blockchain to track COVID-19 cases, can pose substantial risks to privacy, according to a group of researchers who recently published their concerns in the […]
  • Five Tips For Getting The Most Out of Professional Development July 14, 2020
    The technological workforce is constantly evolving. To keep pace, today’s technical professionals need to regularly upskill through continuing professional education. “As we enter a future where skills are changing at an accelerated pace, upskilling becomes crucial to staying job-relevant,” Raghav Gupta, managing director of India and APAC for Coursera, told Vogue India.  A survey from […]
  • A Clean Energy Supply and Demand Solution for Smart Grids July 11, 2020
    Around the globe, utility companies are investing in smart grid projects. According to the research firm Guidehouse Insights, utilities are anticipated to grow their smart grid capacity by nearly 20% per year over the next decade.  Despite shutdowns due to the coronavirus-related closures, smart grid projects are slowly moving forward in some regions. In India, […]

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