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IEEE Silicon Valley Milestones Dedicated

Dr. Jim Gibbons
(Douglas Fairbairn Photography)

Two important milestone events were held on Wednesday, August 15th. The first was held at the Shockey Lab site in Mountain View, California and included an unveiling of an IEEE Milestone plaque for The Birthplace of Silicon Valley and a short presentation by Stanford’s Jim Gibbons, “The Brief But Spectacular History of Shockley Semiconductor Labs.” IEEE 2018 President James Jefferies helped officiate the afternoon event, which also introduced an amazing outdoor area that showcases the importance of this historical location, the Shockley Lab site where silicon devices were first fabricated.

Moore’s Law Milestone Plaque

The second IEEE Milestone Dedication held at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA started with the unveiling of an IEEE Milestone plaque for Moore’s Law by IEEE 2017 President Karen Bartleson outside the Shockley Labs site at Silicon Module Sculpture and Fountain, by the corner of San Antonio Rd and California Ave.

Photo by Gloria Jefferies

Leaders from Santa Clara Valley Section with President Jim Jefferies and other IEEE leaders at the 391 marking the address of the birthplace of Silicon Valley.


Photo by Brian Berg


Discussion titled “Tomorrow’s Computers: More Moore?” at the Computer History Museum, with David Brock, DARPA’s William Chappell and Intel’s Mark Bohr.


This event was chronicled in EETIMES.

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