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Nominations Solicited for 2013 Awards

Nominations are being solicited for the 2013 Area and Region level Awards.
See the Awards page for description of the awards and the nominations form.

Here is the Awards timeline for 2013:
30 Mar: Nominations due to Section
20 Apr: Section selections complete
25 Apr: Section Winners Notified
10 May: Sections selections provided to Area Awards Chairs
11 May: Area Awards Chair Distributes all Area nominations and ballots to Sections in their area
28 May: All Area Sections send their ballots to the Area Awards Chair
7 Jun: Areas submit nominations to all Area Awards Chairs and the R6 Awards Chair
25 Jun: Area Awards Chairs send ballots to R6 Awards Chair
28 Jun: Final Award decisions made
1 Jul: R6 winners announced
2 Aug: Fall R6 Meeting: R6 winners honored/awards presented

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