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Call for Nominations: Region Director/Delegate-elect 2015-16

The IEEE Region 6 Nominations and Appointments Committee is seeking nominations of potential candidates for Region 6 (Western US) Director/Delegate-elect 2015-16.

  • The position of IEEE Director is one of the highest level volunteer positions in the IEEE.
  • The Region 6 Director-elect is elected by the Region membership to a two-year term of office concurrent with the Director’s, and assumes the Director position automatically when it is vacated.
  • The Director-elect provides continuity in Region 6 leadership, supporting the Director as requested.
  • The Director-elect is a general vice chair and Director-in-training.
  • Extensive travel is required.
  • Candidates must be of IEEE Senior Member or Fellow grade.

A summary of the position description, qualifications, time requirement and duties are found below.

Nominators or Candidates must submit the Director-elect Nomination Form by November 30, 2013 using the Nomination Contact Form below.

Questions? Please contact the N&A Chair, Ed Perkins, e.perkins@ieee.org.

The IEEE Region Delegate/Director serves as a member of the IEEE Board of Directors, the highest governing body of IEEE.

Regional Delegate/Directors represent the membership of his/her Region in the IEEE Assembly (Section I-200 of the IEEE Bylaws) as a voting delegate.

In addition, Region Delegate/Directors are voting members of the Member and Geographic Activities Board (MGA) and MGA Assembly as a voting delegate.

Region Delegate/Directors in Region 1-6 (United States) are also voting members of the IEEE-USA Board.

Region Delegate/Directors are encouraged to actively participate on MGA and its standing committees. They are encouraged in their Delegate/Director-elect years to volunteer to serve on committees of the Board outside of MGA, in order to gain a broader perspective of IEEE.

The Region 6 Delegate/Director Chairs the Region 6 Committee with responsibilities and authority in consonance in the Region Bylaws.

See Region Delegate/Director Position Description for full details on this position (http://www.ieee.org/documents/position_region_delegate_director.pdf).

See Member, IEEE Board of Directors Position Description for more detail of this position including responsibilities and additional time requirements (http://www.ieee.org/documents/position_bodmember_generic.pdf).

This is a six year commitment: Two year term as Region Delegate/Director-elect, two year term as Region Delegate/Director, and two year term as Past Region Delegate/Director.

Region Delegate/Director estimated time required: 34 – 42 days per year.
IEEE Board of Directors Estimated Time Required: 30 – 45 days per year.

Ordinary and necessary IEEE travel expenses are reimbursed in accordance with IEEE policies.

Serves as member of the IEEE Assembly;
Serves as a voting member of the IEEE Board of Directors;
Serves as a member of the MGA Assembly;
Serves as a voting member of the MGA Board;
Serves as a member of the IEEE-USA Board;
Serves as Chair of the Region 6 Committee with responsibilities and authority in consonance in the Region Bylaws.

Must be an IEEE member in good standing;
Must be of IEEE Senior Member or Fellow grade;
Must reside in and be a member of his/her respective Region.

Broad experience gained from participation in IEEE Section and/or Technical activities.
Demonstrated capability to achieve, the ability to work with others, and a commitment to mission.
An employer commitment of support is required for the term of office as Director.

See Qualifications and Skills for Member, Board of Directors: http://www.ieee.org/documents/position_bodmember_generic.pdf

In addition, be experienced in Section and Region Committee activities. Preferred to have Sectional/Chapter/affinity group leadership experience.

Region 6 covers the Western United States, includes states of Hawaii, Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona and most of New Mexico. Represents approximately 57,000 IEEE members.

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