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Rising Stars 2016 Virtual Conference, February 19-21

Monday, February 8th, 2016


Rising Stars – Virtual Conference

The live conference has come and gone, but you still have one last chance to participate in the virtual conference for Rising Stars.  The online virtual conference starts February 19 and closes February 21.  After registering for the virtual conference, attendees will have access all weekend to view presentations that were recorded during the live conference.  Registration for the virtual conference is now open.

Click here to register for the virtual Rising Stars conference.

Rising Stars Virtual Lobby

Pitch your idea!

Monday, November 23rd, 2015


Find teammates; win money; have fun

Extended video submission deadline: New deadline: December 15, 2015

Did you ever have an awesome project idea that you just couldn’t get off the ground because you didn’t have a particular skill (PCB design, Arduino programming, gear systems…)?

Did you ever have a prototype for something and just wanted to tell the world and get them to invest in you and your product?

Have you ever wanted to land your dream job and needed to present yourself and your accomplishments during an interview in a compelling way?

Communication is everything these days, and the only way to get attention and funding for your ideas is to present them in a concise, persuasive way. IEEE Region 6 is proud to sponsor a competition with up to $1500 in prize money for students who upload a compelling video pitch for their next project, company idea, or hackathon team.

Ideas: Here are some topic ideas to get you going. Also see slides from the pitching workshop held at all the Area meetings this fall as a general outline (

  1. Pitch a project — say you want to work on a cool extracurricular project, either for a hackathon, capstone/thesis, or simply for fun. This kind of pitch is to attract your fellow IEEE Student Members as talent to help you get the project moving
  2. Pitch your research — say you want to advance your undergraduate research. This kind of pitch is to persuade your faculty advisor to provide you the resources to let you go deeper in pursuit of a research question of interest to you both.
  3. Pitch IEEE! — say you want to recruit new members to join your branch. Why would they join? How would they benefit? What if they don’t have any spare time?

Rules: The rules are simple: upload a 1-2 minute video of your pitch (and your teammates, if you have any) somewhere public (YouTube, Vimeo), and let the organizers know about it by emailing We are judging based on quality of the presentation, NOT technical quality of the recording, so don’t worry if you don’t have access to facilities. Ideally we are looking for a project you will genuinely work on during the spring semester 2016.

Eligibility: Current IEEE student members in Region 6 are eligible to win the prize money and participate in the Lightning Rounds at the Rising Stars conference Jan 2-4 in Las Vegas (students, their branches, and their sections are responsible for travel arrangements). Current IEEE Young Professional (YP) and student members worldwide are eligible to participate in the Lightning Rounds at Rising Stars (after securing their own travel arrangements) but unfortunately are not eligible for the cash prizes. Winners will be chosen by a panel of qualified engineering professionals and separate winners will be chosen by counting what are deemed to be eligible online votes by a combination of social media.

Bonus: If your project has humanitarian benefits, we will work with you to get publicity and notice through SusTech, the IEEE Sustainability Technology Conference, and GHTC, the IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference.


Submission deadline has been extended to December 15!. Winners of the video portion will have the opportunity to present onstage at the Rising Stars Conference, January 2-4, 2016 (register by December 4 for early bird pricing! Winners are responsible for making their own travel arrangements to Las Vegas.

During the Rising Stars conference, another workshop will be held for those who were unable to attend the first rounds during the month of October. A live session will then be held with prizes available for the best presenters from the Lightning Rounds.


  • $500: Judged best video. For uploading an eligible video with the best explanation/persuasion of the idea
  • $250 People’s choice best video. By online voting.
  • $500 Judged best live demo. For explaining their idea in the most compelling manner on stage.
  • $250 People’s choice best demo chosen by audience.

Slides for Students

Saturday, November 14th, 2015

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At the Region 6 Area meetings during October 2015 we referred to the following three documents:

  1. Student Leadership Training
  2. Best Practices for a Student Branch (a.k.a. Event Planning for Dummies)
  3. Pitching Workshop

Remember to use the ideas outlined in the Pitching Workshop to develop your video submission to the Pitch Competition — present your idea at the Rising Stars Conference, Jan 2-4 in Las Vegas, NV, and stick around for the Consumer Electronics Show!

Young Engineers Humanitarian Challenge Competition

Tuesday, July 7th, 2015

Meeting with Ramakrishna Kappagantu about Young Engineers
Humanitarian Challenge Competition

by Jeffrey Pawlan

On June 23, 2015 Ramakrishna Kappagantu, the Director of Region 10, came to the SF Bay area to visit his family. He took time out to meet with a few of us in the Santa Clara Valley. Present at the meeting along with Ramakrishna Kappagantu were Jeffrey Pawlan, Kartik Kulkarni, Daniel Lottis, and M. P. Divakar.

Divakar, Daniel, Ramakrishna, Kartik, Jeffrey

Ramakrishna, Kartik, Jeffrey

We discussed ideas for expanding the All IEEE Young Engineers Humanitarian Challenge Competition (AiyeHum) into all Regions. Currently this competition is open only to students from Region 8, Region 9, and Region 10. We want to expand this to all regions but more details and organization must go into forming a central AiyeHum committee that will oversee all of the various AiyeHum competitions around the world.

Some of the topics that we discussed and need to be clearly defined in the future are:

  • We discussed the question, what is a global humanitarian project?
  • The difficulty of judging different competitions that are all different from each other

For the current competition this year, the submissions are in. The committee in Asia needs mentors quickly. Each selected team will be given a mentor to work with that team. The mentor does not need to live near the team and does not need to travel. He or she will assist the students via email, or if necessary by webex. Please go to the AiyeHum website to volunteer to be a mentor by downloading a form:

San Diego County Science and Engineering Fair Awardee and Judges Dinner

Tuesday, May 19th, 2015

Photos from the San Diego County Science and Engineering Fair Awardee and Judges Dinner where IEEE presented our student branch  Micromouse activities.












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