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How Hawaii Became Electrified

Wednesday, May 16th, 2018

[Article republished from IEEE Spectrum]

28 Mar 2018119:00 GMT

Edison and the King: How Hawaii Became Electrified

In 1881, Thomas Edison convinced King Kalakaua that electric streetlamps were superior to gas

By Allison Marsh

Photo: The Friends of lolani Palace

In 1881, King David Kalakaua of Hawaii ( went on a world tour, the first of its kind for a sitting monarch. He circumnavigated the globe, stopping in Asia, India, Egypt, Europe, and the United States. Among other things, he sought to encourage immigration from the Asia-Pacific region, as Hawaii’s dwindling population had created a labor shortage on its sugar plantations. But the king also wanted to introduce the culture of Hawaii to the world, and he was curious about modern science and technology.

When he arrived in Paris in August 1881, the International Exposition of Electricity ( was just getting under way. The exposition showcased the latest advancements in electrical technology, such as dynamos, batteries, and lighting. The first International Electrical Congress ( also convened during the exposition, with participants presenting papers, discussing research, and deciding on definitions for the ampere, the volt, the ohm, and other electrical units.


Approved Changes to the IEEE Constitution

Friday, January 29th, 2016

At the November 2015 meeting the IEEE Board of Directors approved the presentation of revisions to the IEEE Constitution, in the form of one amendment, for consideration by the eligible voting members of IEEE. The amendment will be included as a part of the 2016 IEEE annual election package.


Call for participation: IEEE DIY Project

Thursday, October 29th, 2015

Call for participation: IEEE DIY Project: deadline 7 December

The IEEE DIY Project was created to help encourage and support future makers by allowing them to showcase new and innovative projects. Students and engineers from around the world are invited to submit DIY (Do It Yourself) tech projects to share their ideas with peers and help contribute to existing projects by commenting and voting on them. Each submission must be an engineering project that was built or created using hardware or software. Top projects will be highlighted in a monthly video series and on the IEEE social pages, and in December, five winners will be chosen and will receive Amazon gift cards worth up to US$500.

Your project cannot be from a professional job or paid for by a company.
You must be the person or member of a team that created the project.
You must provide an image or video of the project.

For full details, go to


IEEE in 2030 – Inputs Solicited

Saturday, July 4th, 2015

IEEE in 2030—Please Provide your Input

In January of 2015 the IEEE Board of Directors (BoD) went on a retreat with a collection of additional IEEE members recruited to represent young professionals, women in engineering and people from various geographic regions and interests. The purpose of the discussion in that retreat was to determine “What changes must we make now to best position IEEE for success in 2030, while still supporting the needs of technologists between now and then?” At the end of the retreat four Ad Hoc Committees or Teams comprised of BoD members were created. The first committee (Team 1) was to Create a Nimble, Flexible, Forward-Looking Organization. The second committee (Team 2) was to Foster Public Imperatives. The third committee (Team 3) was to Foster Diverse Technical Communities with Industry, Government, and Academia.   The fourth committee (Team 4) was to Empower the Discovery, Development and Delivery of Cutting-edge Products and Services.   I was appointed to lead Team 3 (Fostering Diverse Technical Communities with Industry, Government, and Academia).

While all four Teams continue to develop plans to create an IEEE in 2030 that meets the needs of Technologies at that time, this piece is meant to look at the activities and discussions in Team 1 (lead by Barry Shoop, 2015 IEEE President Elect) and to invite regular IEEE members to contribute to the discussion and help shape the future of the IEEE going forward. At the June IEEE Board of Directors meeting a constitutional amendment that was to be on the IEEE Ballot later this Summer was pulled from that ballot. It was felt by many that some items on the amendment were not well considered and left the IEEE open to rapid redirection by a small group of people sometime in the future, possibly not in the best interests of the members. It was also felt that the amendment was created and approved without much discussion or exposure to the regular members.


IEEE in 2030

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015


IEEE members – are you interested in the strategy for IEEE moving forward.  Click on this: Socialization Deck from 2015 Board Syntegration to learn more.



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