IEEE Region 6 - Western US

Announcing 2017 Region Awards Program

The 2017 Region 6 Awards Program

by Jeffrey Pawlan, Region 6 Awards Chair

The 2017 Region 6 awards program is substantially different from all previous years. In brief, here are the important changes:

  • All Section awards will directly become nominations for Region awards. There are no Area awards.
  • All award nominations and endorsement letters will be submitted online to an Open Water award management system. There are no forms any longer. No more emailed or paper nominations.
  • There are many new award categories added.

Purpose and Value of the Awards Program

The awards program honors IEEE volunteers, engineers, and teachers within Region 6. This is important because those who contribute to IEEE and to our community should be recognized and thanked for their hard work, dedication, and contributions.

The New Awards Categories

Companies and Corporations:

  • Outstanding Corporation or Company of the Year

IEEE Organizational Units:

  • Outstanding Small Section of the Year  (less than 501 active members)
  • Outstanding Large Section of the Year  (more than 500 active members)
  • Outstanding Small Student Branch of the Year (less than 26 active members)
  • Outstanding Large Student Branch of the year (more than 25 active members)
  • Outstanding Chapter of the Year (includes Technical Councils and Affinity Groups)

Mixed IEEE OUs and Individuals:

  • Outstanding Contribution to Promoting Women in Engineering – this may be to an individual, a group of people, or to a WIE Chapter
  • Outstanding Contribution to Promoting Life Member Activities – this may be to an individual, a group of people, or to a LMAG Chapter


  • Outstanding Engineer
  • Outstanding Service and Leadership (for an IEEE volunteer)
  • Outstanding Educator (must be an IEEE member)
  • Outstanding K through 12 Educator
  • Outstanding IEEE Contributions to STEM and Education
  • Outstanding IEEE Contributions to Global Humanitarian Projects or Activities
  • Outstanding IEEE Membership Development or Senior Elevation
  • Outstanding IEEE Young Professional

Rules and Requirements to Submit Region 6 Nominations

For 2017, the deadline for submission is May 15, 2017 by 11pm local time of your Section. All nominations will be online and to your own Section.

All nominations of individuals require two letters of recommendation. The deadline is the same as above.

All nominations and letters must come from IEEE members and they must be members within the Section that they send their nominations or letters.

IEEE Rules for Awards and Nominations

No individuals may nominate themselves.

Neither an Awards Chair, nor a Section Chair acting as an awards chair may be nominated for a Section or Region award. The exceptions are

Special Section Chair’s awards and Section Region Director’s awards.

Neither an Awards Chair, nor a Section Chair acting as an awards chair may submit nominations or letters of recommendation.

Members of any awards committee that has voting power on awards may not submit nominations or letters of recommendation.

To make a nomination, download the 2017 Region 6 Awards Categories with Descriptions (PDF) to determine the requirements and qualifications, then contact Jeffrey Pawlan, R6 Awards Chair for instructions on how to submit a 2017 online award nomination.






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