Blog Spot June19

Event at Qualcomm

Demystifying Revolutionary Qualcomm Technologies

On July 10th, IEEE SCV WIE will be collaborating with Qualcomm to hold three technical talks regarding exciting developments in Qualcomm’s advancements in wireless connectivity.  Qualcomm has been making strides in mobile innovation for the past 30 years, and they are currently pioneering foundational technologies in the age of 5G connectivity.

Attending these technical talks is a great way to gain insight into how Qualcomm is revolutionizing the mobile experience.  Join us for fantastic opportunity to learn about the future of connectivity, and how the wireless communication of our devices will lead us into the Invention Age.

This evening will comprise of three Qualcomm veterans sharing their expertise in cutting-edge wireless technologies.  Below are the topics and presenters of the three technical talks.

Qualocomm technical talks will be held on July 10that 5pm.  Book your tickets here