Apr. 21, 2015 Nanoengineered Devices for …..

IEEE SF Nanotechnology  Council and IEEE-WIE  invite you to attend:

Nanoengineered Devices for Thermal Management and Solar Thermal Energy Conversion

Speaker: Dr. Evelyn N. Wang, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, MIT

Nanoengineered surfaces offer new possibilities to manipulate fluidic and thermal transport processes for a variety of applications including lab-on-a-chip, thermal management, and energy conversion systems. In this talk, Dr Evelyn Wang will first discuss how nano engineered surfaces can be used to control wetting and bubble/droplet behavior for high flux heat dissipation of electronics. In the second half of the talk, she will discuss the opportunities with nanoengineered surfaces to increase efficiency in solar thermophotovoltaic (STPV) devices. 

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