Feb 6, 2014 Leadership Fireside Chat

How to Grow Stronger Through Rapid Changes in Technology

Stanford University logoDate/Time: Thursday February 6th, 2014, 6:00pm-8:15pm
Cost: Free
Place: Stanford University
Paul Allen Ct. For Integr Sys Annex (04-055)
330 Serra Mall (CIS-X auditorium)

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Questions: Susan Delafuente (sdelafuente@ieee.org)


You are invited to attend the IEEE Women in Engineering Executive Fireside Chat. In order for women to become authentic leaders in the rapidly changing world of technology today, they need the ability to communicate effectively, to make meaningful connections and to identify a course of action to maximize their performance.

Speaker/Panelist #1 Biography:

Rox Roxsana Hadjizadeh is an IEEE Sr. Member, IEEE Santa Clara Valley Section (SCV) WIE co-founder, 2006-2012 SCV WIE Chair, and the 2013 /2014 SCV WIE Sr. Advisor. In 2009, she served as IEEE SCV Section Chair and also as Secretary, Treasurer and Vice Chair of the SCV Section. She is an IEEE Spectrum Media Group advisor and has included Tesla Motors and Cisco Systems in a number of IEEE events from 2007 thru 2011. Roxsana holds a BSEE and MSEE degrees and is currently IoTBU New Product Program Manager focusing on new Hardware and Software security products at Cisco Systems. Her past professional experience includes:  Senior Staff Engineer, Manager and Director at various Silicon Valley companies including GENUS Inc., PRIAM, Network Computing Devices, WinCom Systems, Quantum 3D and Tesla Motors. Roxsana is a member of Cisco’s iWise (Inspiring Women through Information Sharing and Experiences), WISE (Women in Science and Engineering), Connected Women, and Women in Technology. Roxsana loves giving back to society, is an active member in many charity events such as Second Harvest Food Bank, Habitat for Humanity, RAFT (Resource Area for Teaching), and March of Dimes for babies and she is also leading a team of university students for SVIJ (Silicon Valley Innovation Jam) events at Cisco.

Speaker/Panelist #2 Biography:

Ingrid_GavshonIngrid Gavshon works with clients in the United States, the Middle East, Mongolia, Russia and South Africa. She believes coaching allows clients to create a shared thinking environment to effectively achieve their personal and professional goals, by identifying their strengths, recognizing obstacles to success and, as a team, helps the coached fulfill their potential . Ingrid is an Executive Coach and a member of the Berkeley Executive Coaching Institute Leadership and Communications team. She is an award-winning filmmaker who has made a number of documentary films including  13 films about Nelson Mandela. Ingrid is a co-facilitator of the Peterson Caterpillar Brand Ambassador Program and is a guest faculty member at the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley EWMBA, UCLA, UC Berkeley Center for Executive Education. Gavshon’s clients include:  Adobe, Cisco Systems, Cypress Semiconductors, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Qualcomm, Advanced Technology Investment Company (ATIC) Abu Dhabi, Peterson Caterpillar, the RL Consulting Group in the USA and KC Alternative Health Services in the UK.

Speaker/Panelist #3 Biography:

Joanne OleckoJoanne Olecko is a Sr. Field Clinical Engineer at Boston Scientific Neuromodulation and a IEEE Santa Clara Valley Section (SCV) WIE co-founder. She holds degrees in BSc. Electrical Engineering and MSc Biomedical Engineering (Neroengineering Track). Joanne is a biomedical engineer with a passion for neurology and signals, working in the field of neuromodulation. She provides engineering and clinical research support for medical devices that stimulate the central nervous system. She specializes in Neuroengineering, DSP (Digital Signal Processing); sales/field engineering training and support; clinical research; technical marketing: and electronics system architecture.


Speaker/Panelist #4 Biography:

Kimara ChinKimara Chin is a Materials Engineering Manager at Trimble Navigation and a IEEE Santa Clara Valley Section (SCV) WIE co-founder. She holds degrees in BSc – Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering and MBA – Technology Management. Kimara held past positions as a Manager of the CAD/PCB Layout and Mechanical CAD department, Manager of the Component Engineering department, Sr. Engineer, and Hardware Engineer. Kimara pioneered EU RoHS implementation and is currently in a special project which in