Silicon Valley Area Chapter


Our Mission

The Santa Clara Valley EPS chapter is comprised of volunteers dedicated to the dissemination of electronic packaging technology, both in the Bay Area as well as globally.  Our charter is to generate interest to benefit the community through education, networking, professional development by participation in seminars and webinars in the exciting and rapidly advancing field of electronic packaging technology.

Chapter Officers and Volunteers

Annette Teng

Annette Teng


Annette (SM: 2001) is the Chief Technology Officer at Promex Industries, a manufacturer of electronic and medical components in Silicon Valley, since 2014. She has spent most of her career in (… more)

Rockwell Hsu

Rockwell Hsu

Vice Chair

Rockwell is a Technical Leader at Cisco Systems, where he is responsible for high-speed design for network line cards and leads an initiative on advanced semiconductor packaging development. (… more)

Chandan Bhat

Chandan Bhat


Chandan Bhat received the B.E. degree from the University of Mumbai, and the M.S. degree from Auburn University.  During the M.S. program (… more)
Azmat Malik

Azmat Malik


Azmat’s areas of interest are: Power Electronics, Energy Efficiency, Medical Devices, Sensors and MEMS. He teaches (… more)
Paul Wesling

Paul Wesling

Chapter Advisor; Webmaster; Publicity

Paul received degrees in electrical engineering and materials science from Stanford University, then worked locally at a number of Silicon Valley startups (… more)

Baris Dogruoz

Baris Dogruoz

Program Team

Baris Dogruoz is a Technical Leader and lead thermal architect at Cisco Systems. He was previously technical leader at Electronic Cooling Solutions in Santa Clara. He has 15+ years (… more)
Ed Stoneham

Ed Stoneham

Registration Systems

Ed …

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Assistant Webmaster

You have an interest in keeping our website up-to-date.  Skills include basic HTML; it would also help if you know (or are willing to learn) the ELEMENTOR enhanced editor, used for many of our pages.

Luu Nguyen

Luu Nguyen

Program Director

Luu Nguyen, at PsiQuantum, received his PhD in mechanical engineering from MIT. He was with IBM Research (… more)
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Senior/Fellow Advancement

This small team of 3 to 5 Senior Members and IEEE Fellows has a focus on assisting regular members apply for advancement to Senior Member.  It also watches for Senior Members who might be nominated and endorsed to become IEEE Fellows.

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Member Services

Our chapter can assist local members in a number of areas, including posting job-wanted notices, introductions, etc.  You are our ambassador to chapter members.

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Student Chapter Development

This position is for someone who likes working with (or starting up) a student branch chapter at a university or college.  Prime responsibility is providing liaison and support for our joint EPS/CS chapter at San Jose State.

If you’d like to volunteer to work on a project or service that we haven’t listed, please contact one of us.

We welcome new volunteers to help us fulfill our mission to support technologists in Silicon Valley and the Greater San Francisco Bay Area. Please contact anyone above to get started.

Recognition and Awards: (open)

Membership Development: (open)

Executive Committee

Dongkai Shangguan
Phil Marcoux

Our Local EPS Distinguished Lecturers

We have a number of DLs here in Silicon Valley. Here is a listing of current ones.

Mudasir Ahmad, Cisco Systems, Inc.
Topics: Internet of Things (IoT), Advanced Packaging, 2.5D, Heterogeneous Silicon Photonics, Advanced Reliability (Thermomechanical, Mechanical Shock), Numerical Modeling, Advanced Thermal Solutions, Stochastic Analysis, Bayesian Inference, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence

Wendem Beyene, Ph.D., Intel Corporation
Topics: Electrical modeling and simulation techniques for analysis of interconnects, packages, and systems. Machine learning techniques

Bill Bottoms, Ph.D., Third Millennium Test Solutions
Topics: Heterogeneous Integration, Semiconductor test technology, Emerging research materials, Packaging of electronic components and systems, the global network and its future requirements, the internet of things and Smart manufacturing

William T. Chen, Ph.D., ASE (U.S.) INC
Topics: Semiconductor and Electronics Industry Trends and Roadmap

Madhu Iyengar, Ph.D., Google
Topics: Thermal component and system design for packages, servers, and data centers.

Ephraim Suhir, Ph.D.
Topics: Accelerated life testing; Probabilistic physical design for reliability; Bonded assemblies; Thermal stress; Predictive modeling; Fiber optics structures: design for reliability; Dynamic response to shocks and vibrations

Paul Wesling
Topics: Using Xplore, and Google Scholar to Mine IEEE’s On-line Repository of Technical Information; Origins of Silicon Valley and the EPS

For a complete listing of EPS DLs, please visit the EPS Distinguished Lecturer Website.

Past Chapter Chairs:

2020: Annette Teng, Promex
2019: Gamal Refai-Ahmed, Xilinx
2017-2018: Annette Teng, Promex
2015-2016: Luu Nguyen, TI
2012-14: Ed Aoki, Agilent (retired)
2011: Mudasir Ahmad, Cisco
2009-10: Ed Aoki, Agilent (retired)
2007-2008: Dan Donahoe, Exponent
2005-2006: Allen Earman, Novalux
2002-2004: Tom Tarter, Neophotonics, Inc.
2000-2002: Bernie Siegal, Thermal Engineering Associates, Inc.
1998-2000: Martin Goetz, IBM Corp.
1996-98: Rufino Olay, Xilinx
1994-96: David Llewelyn, LTX
1992-94: Jim Lamb, LTX