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Heterogeneous Integration Roadmap Committee Meeting 🗓

-- disruptive change, pace of innovation, future requirements, emerging devices and applications ...

Conveners: Prof. Subramanian (Subu) Iyer, UCLA; and Dr Meyya Meyyappan, Chief Scientist for Exploration Technology, Ames Research Center, NASA
Welcoming Speaker: Samar Saha, Electron Devices Society President
(no registration required)
Meeting Date: Sunday, December 3, 2017
Time: 6:00 – 7:30 PM
Cost:none (all are invited to attend)
Location: Hilton S.F. Union Square (Room: Union Square 13)
Reservations: not required
Summary: Our Industry has reinvented itself through multiple disruptive changes in technologies, products and markets. While the pace of innovation is increasing to meet these challenges, the crucial question is what will be the critical paths going forward?
The Heterogeneous Integration Roadmap</strong) (HIR), jointly sponsored by the IEEE EDS, EPS and Photonics Societies, SEMI and ASME EPPD, will follow directly the purpose, process and format of the ITRS Heterogeneous Integration Roadmap for the 15-year assessment of future requirements, and 25 years assessment for emerging devices and emerging materials. It will expand the vision to address systems and applications, the disruptive changes in the market place, fast paced changes in technology and the industry, and their associated impact to research directions.
Our agenda on Sunday includes a welcome by EDS President Samar Saha, a Plenary Lecture by Subu Iyer of UCLA, followed by a moderated discussion on what the HIR road map means to the device community, including a discussion on emerging devices and applications.

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