Sponsor: Buenaventura Section
Speaker: Momin Quddus MSEE, PE and IEEE Buena Ventura Chair
Meeting Date: July 21, 2021
Time: 6PM
Reservations: IEEE
California will phase out gasoline-powered cars by 2035 joining 15 countries that have built a roadmap to boost technical innovation toward a zero-emission transportation and develop regulations to accelerate the transition from fossil fuel vehicles to electrical vehicles. From a sustainable engineering perspective, an electrical vehicle will emit less greenhouse gas at the car/truck level but the benefit on climate change involves a large array of additional factors. Momin Quddus, speaker, will present an overview of the EV technology and its place in achieving sustainable future for humanity. He will discuss the future of EVs and their implication in slowing down global warming and climate change. In addition, he will touch on interest on EV in the financial markets.

Bio: Momin Quddus IEEE Sr. Member, is the Section Chair of the IEEE Buenaventura Section. Mr. Quddus works at NASA JPL in Radar Science Section. He has worked in Avionics, Wireless communication, and Aerospace industries for over 30 years. Momin holds a patent on wireless antenna design. He received BSEE degree from University of Texas and MSEE degree from Florida Atlantic University. He is a PE. He is interested in analyzing topics in terms of economics and analytics. Momin enjoys playing tennis, field hockey and soccer. He coaches youth sport teams. He volunteers at youth outreach events such as Science fair & Academic Decathlon.

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