Sponsor: IEEE SoCal Council
Speaker: Russell Kurtz Ph.D., Chief Scientist of Samurai Scientists LLC
Meeting Date: June 23, 2021
Time: 6PM
Reservations: IEEE

This talk concentrates on an introduction to rate equations and their application to laser performance analysis. Starting from the simplest possible system, we will add more complexity and more energy transitions, including methods for optimizing the laser output as desired for various applications. We will discuss what happens when additional active materials are added to a laser, which can result in ion-ion interactions.

We will even describe how lasers are like wolves!

Bio: Russell Kurtz , Ph.D., is Chief Scientist of Samurai Scientists LLC. He has been working in research for three decades, during which he designed and developed laser systems using rate equation analysis. His research career has spanned a variety of topics, mostly in the optical area but also including nondestructive evaluation (NDE), guidance and tracking systems, alternative energy, metrology, and combinations of these. He has advised such groups as the California Council on Applied Competitive Technologies and the Cleantech Innovation Challenge. Dr. Kurtz has been a reviewer for OSA, IEEE, and SPIE, and has published a dozen articles in peer-reviewed journals, together with contributing to nearly 30 conference proceedings and receiving nine patents (plus five pending).

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