Sponsor: IEEE Phoenix Section
Speaker: Bill Curd of SYNESYS GROUP
Meeting Date: February 17, 2021
Time: 7 PM Arizona time

Reservations: IEEE
Please Note: Arizona does not observe day light saving time. The meeting is at 7 PM Arizona time. Also, you will receive your attendance link the afternoon of the event. You must register to receive a WebEx link.

Dark, Deep and Political on the Internet

What are the Surface Web, Dark Web, and Darknet? Where do they fit in the big picture; how can they be accessed, … and what is deeper?

Our own Dr. Bill Curd will start with an overview of the Internet, especially the Darknet, how to access, search, and navigate there with some protections including the tor browser. Then he’ll share snippets from various places and some recent topics such as 2020 election integrity, origin of SARS-CoV-2, and the so-called Intellectual Dark Web.

Plus, Cybersecurity Certifications in the Marketplace

Bill will identify the hottest cybersecurity and related certifications and how job postings and salary correlate with holding them – and solicit your feedback on what certification or other training you’d be seriously interested in attending.

And, Some Downloads

Bill will email a download link for a few related documents to those emailing him a request for it.

Bio: IEEE Life Member Dr. Bill Curd
IEEE Life Member Dr. Bill Curd has been a pioneer in cybersecurity and related disciplines within global high-tech enterprises for decades. As President of Synesys Group, he is an invited instructor, speaker, investigator, intelligence analyst and mentor in cybersecurity, privacy, and national security CYBINT techniques – best known for his highly-evaluated CISSP boot camps.

At Honeywell, he was lead security analyst and compliance focal for systems running SAP globally with 59,000 users processing over $35B in business. Previously, Bill was Manager of Systems Integration and Security, Aerospace Electronic Systems, the Information Security Officer (CISO equivalent) for 15 years, and a (deputy) Network and Data Security Officer for all of Honeywell.

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